Spain, Aldi to reduce its CO2 emissions by 31.7%


Aldi has achieved a reduction of its CO2 emissions in Spain of 31.7% in just two years, as part of its commitment to conserve resources, as reflected in its 2018 Sustainability Report, which has just been published and which also highlights the objectives that the company has set itself linked to responsibility in the supply chain, social commitment, the recognition of its employees and the promotion of dialogue.

Regarding its commitment to conserving resources, as can be seen from the report, the company is making progress in achieving its objectives. Thus, since 2016, Aldi has gone from emitting 12,267 tons of carbon dioxide to 8,379 tons, a notable reduction considering that the company is in the expansion phase in the country. In addition, at the group level, it also highlights its commitment to increase the percentage of stores equipped with photovoltaic solar installations, for example.

Another commitment to which the company refers is the responsibility in all phases of the supply chain. In this sense, the supermarket chain is promoting different projects such as the Aldi Factory Advancement (AFA) that focuses on improving working conditions in the production centres of Bangladesh; the Aldi Detox Commitment that guarantees the resignation of certain groups of chemical substance in the production of own-brand items in textile products and footwear; and the expansion of the analysis and certification systems of its own-brand products.


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